OpenCodez LLC is a full service digital design company that specializes in App Design, eCommerce Design, Graphic Design, IT Design, Security Design and Website Design.

Services Digtial Design List

App Design

Designing cross platform apps by using the C languague and the Unix core.

eCommerce Design

Weather it is building a square store or an entire 200 plus product store, we have the ability to achieve it.

Graphic Design

Specialized in creating banners, icons and logos for companies and websites.

IT Design

We also porvide Information Technology design, support and repair services.

Security Design

We only use the best of the most hi-tech that has ever been programmed.

Web Design

Making websites by using HTML5, CSS3, Java, PHP, SQL and any other opec source programmimg languague.

Portfolio Our Digital Design Work

eWorldz Website

eWorldzSocial Networks

is a network that utilize innovative open source technology

eCenterz Website

eCenterzeWaste Website

All in one online resource center - Coming Soon

eCreditz Website

eCreditzCrypto Website

Prodiving sovereign exchange services for the world

eKingdoms Website

eKingdomsSovereign Network

Online sovereign community with its own currency

Inspections Hawaii Website

Inspections HawaiiWordpress Website

Company in building design and professional construction techniques

Unite Ohana Website

Unite OhanaBootstrap Website

Created to help with the reunification of all the broken families

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